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    Knight & Drews opened its doors in 2006.  Though being new in the beginning of a down market, we were able to successfully grow the company through the recession.  Focusing primarily on investors during this time we were able to establish ourselves on a global basis.  Helping REITs and Portfolios grow through acquisition became one of our leading revenue sources for many years.  We catapulted through the down turn, taking the knowledge acquired, and began working with developers around the world looking to fund projects in America.  With close partners in Israel, China and Chile we are currently working on multiple projects throughout south and Central Florida.  Through these investments and developments, our company has worked with luxury products and produced a repeat clientele that has come to appreciate our attention to detail and in depth knowledge of their niche areas.

             Along with our office in our home base of Atlanta, w
    e now have offices in multiple locations in Florida including Miami, Orlando, and South Florida. We are also in the process of opening new offices in Texas. We have some amazing projects coming out of our offices in the upcoming months including multiple development projects, investment acquisitions, and more.